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Bernhardt Design + PLANK
Armchair stackable, structure in ash, oak or walnut natural lacquered or ash black or white stained lacquered. Backrest in polypropylene in the colors black, white, traffic red, wine red, light blue, yellow green, cafe latte, caramel or terra brown. Upholstered seat, optional. Utility tray linking device. Available in Bistro and Outdoor versions.


Q! Landscape Mobile Board
Expansion of Q! Series - Springboard introduces a frameless, landscape-oriented writing surface. Q! is crafted from premium low-iron glass for bright whites and crisp colors, and offers low-profile, 4mm tempered safety glass. Low-profile glass means lighter weight and easy shipment and installation, while maintaining a high level of durability for even the most high-traffic environments. Q! Landscape’s floating glass is 72″ W X 70″ H X 24″ D, and double-sided, magnetic and easy to clean. Made in the USA


Parentesit Freestanding & Wall Panels
Freestanding or wall-mounted acoustical modules made up of a round and a square panels upholstered in one or two color fabrics. Floor models resting on a matt black metal base. Optional lighting package.

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